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We produce Carbon from Carbon:
• Collection of CO2 and binding it in our vessels.
• Using Waste to produce H2. 

We understand sustainability as the ability to maintain a process continuously. To achieve this, we prevent the exploitation of natural or physical resources so that they remain available in the long term. Our idea of sustainability has 4 pillars:
1. Energy generation from renewable sources
2. Waste avoidance, recycling of materials and ships
3. Production of boat building materials locally and environmentally friendly
4. Continuous improvement of our processes with local human resources and international exchange of knowledge

Manufacture of ships and boats that are world leaders in sustainability.

The unrivalled efficiency of our ships and boats is made possible through collaboration with leading minds in ship and yacht design and production. We have implemented a common design and production process, and our partners in CSSB are a unique combination of all the necessary skills to reduce the carbon footprint to less than zero:
We will issue a carbon certificate with every boat.
1. weight reduction through design and materials (up to 85% less weight compared to steel)
2. lower energy consumption through optimised hull shapes thanks to low-weight composite materials
3. ultra-light hull, deck and interior thanks to prepreg composite technology in series production
4. almost no waste and faults during the production process thanks to prepreg technology

5. super-efficient propulsion systems (optimised on the basis of CFD and ship model basin results)

6. sustainable energy supply through the combination of

    a) wind propulsion systems

    b) efficient solar cells

    c) LOHC hydrogen technology

    d) environmentally friendly and fireproof battery systems

7. higher sustainability due to significantly longer service life and less maintenance

8. efficient recycling process 

Developing the future of maritime transportation

We have identified about 6 R&D projects that we are already working on:


1. Lignin-based carbon fibres and plant-based epoxy resin in the form of prepregs for hull manufacturing.

2. Development of a small SOFC fuel cell that enables LOCH hydrogen storage systems to be used in small boats/ships.
3. Composite construction process for large ships without moulds. 

4. Integration of MEWIS Duct and Kort Nossle into the hull shape of small ships.

5. UV-resistant GelCoat system that bonds with Prepreg Carbon in the layup/curing process.

6. Process optimisation between design and workshop with the help of graphic visualisation using digital projection systems.

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