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Ship design at it´s best

SDC – Ship Design & Consult – is Founded 1997 by Dr.-Ing Harald Jensen, the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) and Germanischer Lloyd (GL). SDC is nowadays owned by Harald Jensen, Michael Waechter and HSVA, SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH and has quickly grown into a full-scale design consultancy offering a complete set of services for ships and offshore structure to shipowners and shipyards. By now, the SDC staff provides expertise in all aspects of ship design including ship stability, strength analysis and mechanical engineering and furthermore project management and site inspection.

Partnerships and close and efficient co-operation not only with co-founders but also with highly specialized experts perfect SDCs service offer to ships still at the idea stage as well as to ships sailing the seven seas. Standard vessels like container ships belong as well to their portfolio as special vessels like RoRo/ConRo, Research vessels or other special purpose made ships.

Purpose made ships are the best answer in rough economical waters

The SDC philosophy is based on the fact that 80% of building costs are defined during the first 20% of project time, costing less than 2% of vessels price. An early involvement of all parties (designer, owner/charterer, Flag State, class) will avoid misunderstandings and will support the final success, time costs.

SDC provides a step by step design, integrating all aspects from the very beginning:

- Close communication with the owner to define the requirements

- Close communication with the yard to take specific requirements into account

- Early implementation of Class / Flag State

- Integartion of external specialists for details

The result is a Shipdesign, which is complete in itself: a Concept for steel, machinery, electric, outfitting etc. which fit to each other and a design which needs no conceptual changes during the detailed design and building phase:

• Concept designs resulting in technical documents as a basis for shipbuilding contracts

• Basic designs including key plans and main documents for approval of the classification societies and administrations, used as the basis for the detail design

• Design support, e.g. weight estimation, speed-power estimations, freeboard, fuel oil protection calculations etc.

• Detail design support assisting the shipyard/detailed design office in implementing the basic design in the workshop drawings

Ship Design

Bulk Carrier, Tanker, ConRo/LoRo/RoRo, Container Carrier, Multi Purpose Cargo

Passenger Ships

Dredger, Fishing Vessels, Research Vessels, Buoy Laying Vessels

Inland Waterway Vessels, Pontoons/Barges

Yachts, Sailing Vessels

Ship Optimization

• Bulbous bow optimizations

• Ballast water management calculations, Ballast water treatment layout

• Scrubber refits

• Reefer boosts

• Draught increase calculations, Lengthenings/Widenings, Panama refits

• IHM (inventory of hazardous materials)

• Shiptype change

• Emission reductions, LNG retrofit • Methanol for newbuilds and conversion/refit

• Hydrogen and Fuel Cell for newbuilds and conversion/refit

Stability Calculation

• SOLAS and MARPOL-Conventions

• HSC-, IBC-, IGC-, MODU-Codes

• IMO Res.A265, A749, ADNR, etc...

• Deterministic and probabilistic damage stability of all kinds of regulation e.g.

• Water on deck

• Crane stability and optimization

• Loading and discharging manual

• Longitudinal strength

• Grain stability

• Ballast water management

• Mobile offshore drilling units

• Inclining and deadweight tests

Structural Design

• Strength calculations according to all Classification Societies

• Structural drawings for all kinds of vessels

• Steel design concepts, feasibility studies, lengthening and conversions

• FEM-Calculations for all kinds of structures

• Local and global vibration analysis

• Support for owners approvals

Other Services

In addition to the core business, SDC provides various services to its clients, for example:

• Drawing/Design review on behalf of the owner

• Project and Time Management, using MS Project and specialized data base developments

• NAPA-Support and training

• Measurement services for tanks, rooms and hull forms

• Photometric measurement of ship hulls

• General drawing support

• Translation of stability booklets and similar documents

• Fire Protection, Fire Safety, Life Saving Plans

• Escape way calculations

SDC offers as one of the first consults an approved preparation of an Inventory of Hazardous Materials according the IMO Guidelines for Preparation of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), including: preparation of visual/sampling Check Plan, taking of samples and chemical analyses.

Evaluation of economic efficiency

SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH provides a wide range of individual calculation and consultant services for operating vessels due to changed requirements of owners and operators.

• Shaft power and torsional vibrations

• Mile runs

• Manoeuvres

• Vibration measurements, Noise measurements

• Bollard pull

• Power monitoring systems

• Conversion (i.e. lenghtening)

• Retrofit of vessels for complying with emission regulations (NOx, SOx)

• Preparation and analysis of operating profiles for hydrodynamic optimization

• Evaluation of economic efficiency

• Draught increase

• Retrofit of ballast water treatment plants

• Bulbous bow conversion / optimization

Tank testing and more

SDC works close together with its shareholder HSVA. The Hamburg Model Ship Towing Tank is one of the world leading ship model basins. As a private company operating in the city of Hamburg, Germany, HSVA is active in the field of hydrodynamic research since 1913. Besides operating a large range of experimental facilities, they are among the forerunners of CFD developments and maritime applications.


• 300m towing tank (with wave maker/side-wave generator for multi-directional wave making capabilities)

• ice tank,

• 80m towing tank with ø25m manoeuvring part and wave maker

• Computerized Planar Motion Carriage (CMPC)

• Hydrodynamic and cavitation tunnel

• Ice tank, arctic environemt test basin

• computer cluster


• Resistance and Propulsion

• Ship Dynamics and Manoeuvring

• Seakeeping and Motions

• Cavitation and Hydroacoustics

• Structural Loads

• Underwater Vehicles

• Model experiments

• Numerical computations (CFD)

• Field measurements

• Monitoring and data analytics

• In-house software


Design Loads, Operational Safety & Green Energy

HSVA adresses all aspects related to air flow on ships and offshore structures, including

• Wind Loads

• Air resistance

• Exhaust gas distribution

• Air Turbulence

• Ventilation

• Numerical Assessment (RANS, DES, LES)

• Wind Tunnel Testing

• IMO Weather Criterion

• Helicopter Operations

• Wind Propulsion Systems (Flettner Rotors, Soft Sails, Wing Sails)

• Wind Turbines


Operating one of the very few testing facilities worldwide, HSVA provides unique expertise for marine vehicles and installations in ice covered waters:

• Icebreaking Vessels

• Design Assistance

• Arctic Environmental Conditions

• Ice Class Regulations and Requirements

• Model Testing in Ice

• Ice – Structure Interaction, Ice Loads, Ice Performance Trials

• Wave/Ice Interaction

• Ice Mechanics

• Technical Assistance for Scientific Experiments in Ice


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