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Notus Composites manufactures next generation prepreg materials.

At their facilities in the UAE, Notus Composites manufactures innovative prepreg materials. Notus specializes in the development of innovative, cost-effective, and customized prepreg and resin film solutions for advanced composite markets such as architectural composites, wind energy, automotive, rail, aerospace, marine, sporting goods, and a variety of other industrial applications.

Since its inception in the UAE in 2015, Notus has built a strong foundation in the advanced composites markets of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, supplying leading manufacturers in the wind energy, architecture, sports & leisure, and rail sectors. Notus's committed and innovative technical team enables the company to not only supply market-leading prepregs, but also to collaborate with customers to optimize material selection and production efficiency.

Notus provides strong technical support for the introduction of tailored autoclave prepregs and resin films, resulting in significant cost savings. During the early stages of a project, Notus can assist with estimation, design considerations, and raw material selection. Notus not only provides training for existing prepreg users, but also assists new customers in managing the transition to advanced composite materials in place of traditional hand layup and infusion techniques, resulting in a more efficient, safe, and profitable working environment.

Notus collaborates with composite industry SMEs to design and integrate customized, cost-effective prepreg materials with short lead times and low MOQ's. Notus can help with prototype parts to ensure the success of every prepreg project. As architects, consultants, and engineers become more familiar with composite materials and the benefits they can provide, they are more likely than ever to choose a composite material solution for a roof, façade, dome, or other structural component. component.


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