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H2-Enterprises provides technologies for producing clean hydrogen

H2-Enterprises provides technologies for producing clean, GHG-free hydrogen as well as technologies for safely storing, transporting, and releasing it whenever and wherever it is needed. Their mission is to become one of the world's most influential energy companies, specifically by introducing enormously beneficial and cost-effective energy technologies. The technological solutions reduce environmental pollution while producing CO2-free energy.

As a result, such technologies will help close the gap between clean hydrogen supply and demand, a solution that is desperately needed and on a large scale if we are to significantly decarbonize our planet. Large amounts of clean hydrogen can already be produced without CO2 emissions (Waste-to-Hydrogen), transported safely and cheaply to any location, and used there for CO2-free electrical energy generation, among other things (LOHC).

The waste-to-hydrogen technology developed by H2-Enterprises can convert non-recyclable plastics and other organic wastes into CO2-free, clean hydrogen that can be sold at competitive prices. Furthermore, CO2 produced as a byproduct of the conversion process can be captured and commercialized.

They also offer an integrated hydrogen production solution that converts environmentally hazardous flaring gases from oil production fields into clean hydrogen and solid carbon. Because hydrogen produced by flaring gases can be used as a fuel or an industrial feedstock, it has numerous potential applications in the industrial, transportation, power generation, and building sectors.

They can use LOHC to compensate for temporal fluctuations as well as local discrepancies between energy generation and demand. This makes hydrogen transportable. Use in gas stations or ship drives is as feasible as use in the glass and cement industries. LOHC as hydrogen storage can and will benefit all areas where hydrogen can be used.

H2-Enterprises will offer this technology as a complete system solution eRELEASE for shipping beginning in 2025, in collaboration with the shipbuilding industry. Commercial and private ships can then completely switch to hydrogen energy and become independent of fossil fuels. To that end, H2-Enterprises' clean hydrogen is stored in the carrier medium LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier), delivered to existing ship fueling stations, and refueled by the ships - just like today's fossil fuel. The carrier medium LOHC can be safely stored in standard tanks on the ship at ambient temperatures. The clean hydrogen bound in the LOHC is then released through eRELEASE systems located in the ship's engine room and converted into up to 48kW of electrical power per eRELEASE unit - as needed and modularly scalable. At the next refueling, the discharged LOHC is simply exchanged for charged LOHC. Commercial and private ships can be operated entirely electrically using H2-Industries' eRELEASE systems, becoming CO2-emission-free and independent of fossil fuel suppliers - an ecologically and economically forward-thinking solution.


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