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AEOMAR signed Letter of Intent with CSSB

H2 71m planned completely in Carbon. With hydrogen LOHC drive system.

AeoMar Composites is a highly specialized company renowned for its expertise in the design and manufacturing of composite parts, with a particular focus on the marine industry. Their core competency lies in producing top-quality composite components that are utilized by other boat yards for a range of applications. These components include hulls with decks, keels, rudders, and structural elements.

As a key player in the composite manufacturing sector, AeoMar Composites is dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions that contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of yachts. Their commitment to utilizing advanced composite materials and manufacturing techniques ensures that their products meet stringent standards of quality, durability, and performance.

AeoMar Composites offers comprehensive services that encompass the entire composite manufacturing process. They can provide invaluable support in the design and engineering stages, working closely with clients to develop optimal solutions tailored to their specific needs. Through prototyping, AeoMar Composites enables clients to visualize and refine their concepts before proceeding to full-scale production. The company's state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped to handle the intricate manufacturing processes required for composite components, ensuring precision and consistency in every product they deliver. Furthermore, rigorous testing procedures are implemented to guarantee the integrity and reliability of the manufactured parts.

By partnering with AeoMar Composites, boat yards and yacht manufacturers can leverage their extensive experience and technical expertise to enhance the performance and aesthetics of their vessels. The company's deep understanding of composite materials and their applications enables them to offer valuable insights and recommendations throughout the manufacturing process.

With a strong commitment to innovation and a focus on delivering superior composite solutions, AeoMar Composites has established itself as a trusted provider in the marine industry. Their dedication to producing high-quality composite parts that contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of yachts has earned them a reputation for excellence.

Soon produced by AEOMAR: The foiling Quant 23.


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