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Addicted to high performance – low weight and impressive speeds

AEOLOS is a dedicated yacht brand known for its unwavering commitment to designing and producing high-performance vessels. The brand specializes in the creation of lifting keel sailboats and one-design racing keelboats, exemplifying their passion for delivering exceptional sailing experiences.

Currently, AEOLOS has two models in production: the AEOLOS P30 and the AEOLOS Flying Dutchman. These yachts showcase the brand's focus on combining speed, agility, and maneuverability. The AEOLOS P30 is particularly noteworthy, as it has gained significant recognition in the racing community, consistently achieving remarkable results in various competitions.

Furthermore, AEOLOS has successfully completed the development of two additional models, with production slated to begin in their new facilities. These forthcoming models are eagerly anticipated within the sailing community, as they are expected to embody the brand's dedication to high-performance and cutting-edge design.

In addition to their own line of yachts, AEOLOS has also collaborated with other brands to design exceptional vessels. Notably, they have designed a 44' superfast motoryacht and the KAEBON EB1, further showcasing the brand's expertise in yacht design and manufacturing.

Since 2022, AEOLOS has produced six AEOLOS P30 racing yachts, one Flying Dutchman, one Mayla 44, and one Kaebon EB1. These vessels reflect the brand's commitment to quality and performance, as evidenced by the numerous victories achieved by the AEOLOS P30 in various races.

With a track record of excellence and a focus on pushing the boundaries of yacht design, AEOLOS continues to solidify its reputation as a leading brand in the world of high-performance sailing. Their dedication to innovation and their impressive achievements in competitive sailing make AEOLOS a sought-after choice for sailing enthusiasts and professional racers alike.


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