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Embark on a Voyage of Opportunity.
Success is the Destination.

At CSSB, we believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we’re always considering partners and investors who share our vision for a sustainable maritime world. With the backing of the UAE government, we are poised to make a powerful impact, and we invite investors to join our crew on this exciting voyage. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking for a space to innovate, or an investor seeking new opportunities, we have something to offer. Let’s work together to create a future where the maritime industry is synonymous with sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.

Human Ressources

●    Access to a pool of highly motivated and skilled workers

●    Labor costs are up to 70% lower compared to Europe

●    Attractive immigration policies 

●    High-end properties available at competitive prices


• Benefit from low, stable energy prices

• No/low taxes (soon only 9% company tax)

• Environment where incubator businesses flourish

• Stable, business-friendly system

• Fast, easy company founding (1-5 days)


• Attractive Client areas: Lighthouse Office & Marina

• Stay at modern hotels and resorts,
 just a 10-minute walk from the CSSB

• Dubai is the most popular holiday destination of the world

• UAE has become a safe haven for high net worth people


• Capitalize on synergy effects between partners in the CSSB 
  (shipyards, propulsion, engineers, etc.)

• Drive innovation and success in a team.

Technology Advantages

• High end machinery prepared for 40m boat length

• Prepreg production process

• High End Coating solution/facilities


• Supply from China 10-15 days faster,15-20% cheaper     

  (compared to Europe)

• Perfect HUB thanks Emirates Airlines

• Perfect for logistics, perfect managed ports 

• Very low local transportation and crane costs

• High end materials on stock

  (carbon, epoxy, foam, honeycomb)


Research & Development
• stay ahead in the industry with our continuous investment

   in leading sustainable production technology

• Work with world leading Universities research centres


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